Thursday, 3 January 2013

Casey, The Boss

Here is the boss of our household.  He is very cheeky and can work out how to wrap  us around his white paws.   He has a morning routine that I must follow whether I like it or not.  When we return from our daily walk he goes straight back to bed.

#73 Rainbow Flowers (l) # 109 Windows (r)

                                             # 73 Rainbow Flowers        #109   Windows

Saturday, 14 April 2012

#3 The Basket

Uh Oh, One of these days I'll be operating the camera  correctly.   I'm slowly becoming better at hand piecing, although I understand perfectly why I haven't  tried it before now. I have made yo-yos and tiny pincushions before but that was many decades ago. 

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Block #4 Basket Weave

This is getting easier.  I am doing the simpler blocks first.  The bottom right corner is there, just turned up. I didn't notice it until too late.

Farmer's Wife Quilt - Block 84

Hi, Here is my first block. the Spool.  As you can see, I have not perfected my hand sewing yet.  I am still all thumbs, but the pieces are so small my sewing machine will nibble the corners.  I expect the quality to improve (and so  do you all).